Pamela Dubin

Master of Arts: Political Science, Hebrew University

Bachelor of Arts: Political Science, ILS, Classics, University of Wisconsin

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We take leadership by example seriously.  

For over 25 years, our journey has included working with leaders of every size organization. We connect with a certain type of self-identified person who is unsatisfied with the status quo.

We align with the type of people driven by a passion to search themselves, improve and wash dark corners in light.

Out most successful outcomes are with people with enough self-awareness to realize that sometimes, existing structures and relationships inhibit actualizing.  

Our clients tell us that working with us is a new experience, and a new type of relationship that is transcendent.

Principled pluralists, we believe in building things and people.  We reinvigorate, leapfrog barriers and loosen gordian knots so there is room to maneuver.

And we do it all with an exceptional level of inspiration and experience.

Our work is as a trusted outsider.  We are invited into conversations and create trusted relationships.  

Your outcomes are guaranteed: You feel relieved, happier, refreshed and motivated.  You will have found a sense of connection and clarity that propels you forward.

Our global work has been animated by a spirit of creativity and vision shaped by experiences across the spectrums of the leading issues of our day, innovation, technology, politics and philanthropy.

Our real innate area of expertise is in the area of developing people and ideas to create a greater sum from all parts. Our relationships are both enduring and far reaching -- impacting lives around the world -- and around the corner.

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