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There are enough good people, all kinds of great technology and more than enough money focused on solving problems. What do you want to fix, upgrade or create?


Achieve What You haven't
Gain Clarity.
Be accountable
adjust to an ever-changing world
Make It Happen
Realize Multi-lateral impact
Gift Yourself & Leaders you Support

In our innovation age, we have new opportunities to accept responsibility and deliver on intentions and promises. Reshape old paradigms and align with today's realities.

‍Achieve more from your human, tech & communal investments.

Meet Pamela

Pamela Dubin has spent her lifetime working with apex and emerging leaders in technology, innovation, diplomacy, philanthropy and global development.  Her goal: to strengthen impact outcomes resulting in greater value, meaningful change, stronger civic relations and higher degrees of social trust.

Innovation, Technology, Development & Philanthropy.

It's a rare time in history that allows for a new way to think, reach, inspire and fix problems.

You'll gain from mywork with over 700+ CEO's, immigrants, board members, civic leaders and aspiring top performers from 100+ countries.

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Executive Leadership Coaching


Unstick and thrive. Builders gotta build.

Reach your Everest

From Students to Retirees.
* My Best Civic Life
* Custom & Innovative Community Service Framework

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EA/ Pluralism / CSR


Build Resilient Communities.

Leapfrog divisive tainings.

An inspiring and hopeful EXPERIENCE
+ Leadership Development
+ Public Affairs & Diplomacy
+ A great fit for coporate & civic teams and retreats.

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Better strategy BEFORE you hire PR/ marketing, fundraising, grant making or event planning

Enhance Leadership & Capacity for Trustees, CEO, Boards & Teams

Philanthropic Navigation Services

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Heart Stewardship

Special Projects

 Please reach out when you need:

 immigrants, veterans, serving military, students,
law enforcement
for those who have lost a parent or are caregiving,


Trusted by well intentioned people, businesses and corporate partners across the globe.

"She's better than James Carville and McKinsey combined"

Barbara Corcoran Great Stewardship Client
Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank)

“With a new team and all the social pressures, we couldn’t get our focus right.  Pamela made it happen with finesse and made sure our people felt good about it all."

“I work at one of the most prestigious consulting companies and got more out of my time with Pamela than any other meeting I’ve had in years.   I am grateful that she didn’t tell me to read another book or go through another long process. She short-circuits the noise, focused on helping me leverage my greatest value and helped me secure my dream scenario.”

"I knew it could be done and streamlined and happen. I just couldn't get the egos involved to make it happen the way Pamela did."